Life and Love & Snow - Deny's Story:  Healing Scalp + Repairing Curls

Life and Love & Snow - Deny's Story: Healing Scalp + Repairing Curls

"Life and Love & Snow" is a limited series of candid conversations about personal Love & Snow experiences.  Each person in the series is standing in their power, choosing to be vulnerable to help others they know have struggled in a similar way.  Many have said they are sharing with this community because what has been created feels safe, genuine, and they personally feel cared for.  I am honored to be part of deep healing journeys, because we know it's often about more than just hair. - Love

Our 4th experience we're sharing in this series is a chat with Deny R.

She talks about dealing with frustrating and upsetting painful scalp irritation.  Paired with a seemingly, never ending issue with dry hair and curls not doing what she wanted them to.
    L & S: How long have you used Love & Snow? 

      DR: “I’ve been using Love & Snow products since 2019” 

      L & S: What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase? 

      DR: “I was first drawn to the fact that products worked for curly hair.  My initial reason for purchasing was because I was dealing with dandruff, dryness, and itchy scalp and was looking for relief from the itch.  I also dealt with my hair feeling dry pretty often.”  


      L & S: Have you ever had a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin issue Love & Snow helped you with?  If so, what happened? 
      DR: "My scalp issues sometimes made me feel embarrassed and were frustrating because I was always scratching my scalp and my scalp often felt tender.  It was painful.  I would shower to get some relief, and then my hair would get dried out."  


      L & S: If you have had to address a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin issue, how did you use Love & Snow to help address the issue?  
      DR: “There are parts of my scalp that are more oily and other parts where there are dry patches so using products helps me balance out my scalp in between wash days.  The Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic helps balance out my scalp and the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum helps reduce frizz.  I use both products together.”   



      L & S: Did you use both products? If so, how did you use the serum?  How did you use the tonic?
      DR:  “I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days, so on wash days I use both products, the serum and tonic, together as a leave-in treatment.  In between wash days I use the tonic in my morning routine to revive my curls and reduce scalp itch, which is much more under control.  I use the serum to help with any dry patches as well.”   
      L & S: What were the results?  How long did it take to see the first signs of improvement? 

      DR: “The relief from the scalp itch was immediate the first time I tried products.  My curls changed and began to improve in their definition within about 2 weeks.  I feel like it took 2 weeks as I was getting hang of using the right amount of product to get the best results.” 



      L & S: How long has it taken to get to your current results?
      DR: “I couldn’t be happier with my curls.  After 2 years things with my curls have been going really well; they are as perfect as my curls can be.  My scalp has continued to feel great since the beginning when I first started using products”   


      L & S: Have Love & Snow products helped you use fewer products?  Have products replaced items previously used?  If so, what items have been replaced?
      DR: “I no longer need styling products and have replaced using a leave-in conditioner with the serum and the tonic.  The Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum actually replaced other serums I had been using.” 


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