Life and Love & Snow - Fawntce's Story: Finding Vegan Haircare For My Coils

Life and Love & Snow - Fawntce's Story: Finding Vegan Haircare For My Coils

"Life and Love & Snow" is a limited series of candid conversations about personal Love & Snow experiences.  Each person in the series is standing in their power, choosing to be vulnerable to help others they know have struggled in a similar way.  Many have said they are sharing with this community because what has been created feels safe, genuine, and they personally feel cared for.  I am honored to be part of deep healing journeys, because we know it's often about more than just hair.  Looking forward to sharing more stories every Tuesday over the next few weeks - Love, Founder


Our 5th experience we're sharing in this series is a chat with Fawntice F.  a multi - faceted Certified Sound Therapist, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist...if you are looking for true healing (in our humble, non-biased, unpaid opinion) she is an incredible gem. 

She talks about the frustration of finding clean effective, hair care products for textured coils that also support the commitment to a vegan lifestyle.  We are elated to be able to bring ease and effortlessness to the experience of styling Black hair. 
    L & S: How long have you used Love & Snow?
        FF:  "I have consistently been using both the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum + Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic for the last year.  Prior to adding the tonic into the mix, I was inconsistently using the serum, a couple times a week, over the last 3 years."
        L & S: What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?
          FF:  "I was attending a Vegan event and saw a Black Woman with hair care products.  As a Black Woman myself, at the time there were so few Black people at these types of events.  I felt spiritually drawn and that I may find something for my hair.  I had been dealing with issues of dry hair and split ends. 
          L & S: Have you ever had a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin issue Love & Snow helped you with?  If so, what happened?
          FF:  "Environmental exposures caused me to lose my texture, curls, and definition.  Using the combination of the serum + tonic has helped bring the health of my hair back."
          L & S:  What keeps you using Love & Snow products regularly?
            FF: "Shoot, I look good.  It's two products with clean and natural ingredients, that are quick and easy to use.  I get to wear my natural hair without worrying about it getting messed up throughout the day.  I used to use gel to keep my hair in place, but I no longer need to use gel now.  These products don't give up half way through the day like other products I've used in the past have.  I no longer have to worry about touching up my hair throughout the day to make sure I keep looking presentable."   
            L & S: If you have had to address a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin issue, how did you use Love & Snow to help address the issue? 
            Did you use both products? If so, how did you use the serum?  How did you use the tonic?
            FF: "I use both the serum + tonic in the morning when I wash my hair, it helps my hair hold on to the moisture of a wash day better.  I also use both products in the morning in between wash days on dry hair."
            L & S: What were the results?
            FF: " I've noticed improvement from the first day I started using products.  Consistently using the serum + tonic together I saw even better results immediately.  I love that I can get up, use the products, and go on about my day." 
            L & S: Have Love & Snow products helped you use fewer products?  Have products replaced items previously used?  If so, what items have been replaced
              FF:  "Yes.  I previously had been in a cycle of constantly trying new products including shea butter, coconut oil, gel, and all the oils promoted to support healthy Black hair.  Now I only use Love & Snow products.  The Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum ended up replacing other serums I had tried.  I don't even use leave-in conditioner anymore, I just use the leave-in conditioning technique with the serum + tonic."
                L & S:  Please include any additional thoughts about Love & Snow as a brand or your thoughts about the products you'd like to share.
                FF: "I use Love & Snow products all over.  Whenever I mist the tonic on my face and chest and then apply a few dabs of the serum, my skin is just glowing and I get so many compliments.  I love how pure the products are, that the scent is light and fresh, and they are so easy to use."
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