Life and Love & Snow - Gio's Story: Living w/ Scalp Psoriasis

Life and Love & Snow - Gio's Story: Living w/ Scalp Psoriasis

"Life and Love & Snow" is a limited series of candid conversations about personal Love & Snow experiences.  Each person in the series is standing in their power, choosing to be vulnerable to help others they know have struggled in a similar way.  Many have said they are sharing with this community because what has been created feels safe, genuine, and they personally feel cared for.  I am honored to be part of deep healing journeys, because we know it's often about more than just hair. - Love

    Our 2nd experience we're sharing in this series is a chat with Gio P., Editor-In-Chief of Hunty Magazine.  He talks about what seemed like a never ending struggle with scalp psoriasis, his frustrations and dealing with others not understanding what it is.  After finding Love & Snow, the last 4 years of his journey has been very different.  
       L& S: How long have you used Love & Snow?
        G.P.: "​I've used the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum since 2018"

          L& S: What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?  

        G.P.: "I walked into Nigel Beauty Emporium and instantly gravitated toward the inviting energy of Love and the Love & Snow display.  I took a couple of drops of the serum and rubbed it into one of my psoriasis patches.  I noticed by the end of the day that the dry patch stayed hydrated, was less flaky, and less inflamed.  I couldn't wait to purchase a full size bottle.  I loved it so much it sparked a beauty story idea for my magazine,  Hunty Magazine.    


         L& S: Have you ever had a serious/complicated hair/scalp/skin issue Love & Snow helped you with?  What happened?  
          G.P.: "I have plaque psoriasis and it was always near impossible to find a product that worked on my scalp. Topical creams were too thick and greasy and the psoriasis care shampoos were so harsh they made my hair fall out.  I would be embarrassed to get a haircut when I had a flare-up because there had been times when a Stylist would confuse my psoriasis for a scalp fungus; the flare ups would also make my scalp very tender.  Some Stylist's lack of understanding and response to my scalp issues were traumatic.  I got to the point where when I would have a bad flare-up, I would buzz cut my own hair to make it easier to get the topical creams onto my scalp.  The creams were so thick it made it hard for my scalp to absorb them; I would then try to hide my situation wearing a cap.  I would keep my hair short until I could get the flare-up under control. 
            These flare-up episodes would happen about twice a month and sometimes last for weeks, so I was dealing with this all the time.  Sometimes, if someone saw my scalp during a flare-up they would ask what was wrong or what happened; it was upsetting, emotional, and embarrassing.  I had begun to feel so desperate that I was close to purchasing a UV light and making the payments...they are expensive."
             L& S: How did you use Love & Snow to help address the issue?  Did you use both products? If so, how did you use the serum?  How did you use the tonic? 
              G.P.: "I mostly use the serum and love using it right after a shower while my hair and skin are still damp; I noticed it works better for me this way.  During a flare-up I have also used the Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic together with the serum, to spray on itchy patches."
                L& S: What were the results?  How long did it take to see the first signs of improvement? 
                  G.P.:  "As soon as I started using the serum it immediately started decongesting my problem areas.  After a week I had no more tenderness, little to no flakes, and my hair was extremely soft!  With consistent use it took two weeks to notice real drastic results."
                        L& S:  How long has it taken to get to your current results? 
                            G.P.:  "In less than a month of first using the serum my entire scalp was back to normal.  Soon after, I started experimenting with the serum applying it in different areas of my body especially during flare-ups. I can’t remember the last time I had any build up or tenderness on my head. I never looked back. 
                              In four years, I've had two flare-ups.  This has been a dramatic change from dealing with extensive flare-ups twice a month.  I've been able to stop buying the special scalp psoriasis shampoos.  My hair feels stronger, my hairline is fuller, and I have a lot less breakage.  Products have even kept my hair strong after hair dying and bleaching, reliving and soothing my scalp during at home sessions.  
                              These products gave me my confidence back and have alleviated so much pain that came with the peeling and tearing of my scalp during painful flare-ups. Love, thank you for making such versatile products."
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