Life and Love & Snow - Bryn's Story: Experiencing Traumatic Hair Loss...Again

Life and Love & Snow - Bryn's Story: Experiencing Traumatic Hair Loss...Again

"Life and Love & Snow" is a limited series of candid conversations about personal Love & Snow experiences.  Each person in the series is standing in their power, choosing to be vulnerable to help others they know have struggled in a similar way.  Many have said they are sharing with this community because what has been created feels safe, genuine, and they personally feel cared for.  I am honored to be part of deep healing journeys, because we know it's often about more than just hair.  Looking forward to sharing more stories every Tuesday over the next few weeks - Love, Founder


Our 3rd experience we're sharing in this series is a chat with Bryn L., Veteran Entertainment Industry Hair Stylist on sets ranging from "The Hunger Games" to "The Goldbergs".  Most recently Bryn is the author of "Beneath The Mask: An Artistic Look at the Pandemic And the Year That Changed the World Forever...2020"

She talks about how the stress of life began to trigger, for the second time, the beginning of a traumatic and scary hair loss experience.  In her words, Love & Snow has been medicine, and given her the tools and hope to make this time different.

L & S: How long have you used Love & Snow?
BL:  "About a month and a half"
L & S:  What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?
BL:  "Honestly, I first saw Love standing holding a manikin head with thin hair, in her hand.  Second she felt like a problem solver and I had a problem and needed a solution.  My initial purchase was because of the extreme hair loss I was dealing with.  At the time I met Love I had already lost about 40% of my hair.  My hair had also become very dry and was in need of serious hydration.  When I stopped into Nigel's I was on my way to a dermatologist appointment to seek help, and ended up speaking with Love and purchasing product on the spot."  
L & S: Have you ever had a serious/complicated hair/scalp/skin issue Love & Snow helped you with?  What happened?
    BL:  "In 2016, ​Dr. Wendy Roberts had diagnosed me as having Telogen Effluvium Alopecia, profound hair loss brought on by extreme stress and anxiety.  The first time this happened I lost nearly all of my hair, but eventually I was able to grow it back.  Now is the second time life stress had again become intense; it felt like I was in a pocket of hell and I refuse to let everything upset me, so I took action.  The stress of my life was causing me to lose my hair again; in the shower I was losing two tablespoons of my fine strands every shower.   I would also lose hair when I slept at night.  My dermatologist appointment checked for hormonal imbalances to see if that could be the cause, but everything came back normal.  It was terrifying, upsetting, and scary.  I was afraid when I washed my hair, how much hair I would lose; and I was afraid to look at my pillow when I woke up in the morning."     
      L & S:  How did you use Love & Snow to help address the issue?  Did you use both products? If so, how did you use the serum?  How did you use the tonic?
      BL: ​"I use both the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum + Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic.  I use the tonic in my morning and night routine and use the serum at night.  The tonic I spray in my hair and scalp in the morning when I get ready to style.  To be perfectly honest, once I got the big bottle I refilled my small ones and I put one in my purse, one is in the house...I spray all the time because I love it so much!  I've even taken it to work and under very special circumstances, used my own supply on talent.  I use the serum at night as the over night treatment.  Sometimes I use a little extra serum if I know I'm washing my hair in the morning."

      L & S: What were the results?  How long did it take to see the first signs of improvement?
      ​BL: ​"I have been using Love & Snow consistently since I first purchased products to address the hair loss and brittle hair issues.  I saw improvement immediately the first time I used products.  My hair had gotten so dry that it felt like straw and would not respond to styling.  Within moments of applying product and then beginning to style, it felt like I was styling my old hair.  My hair felt soft, flexible, and luxurious - the elasticity and hydration had immediately returned.  That night my hair styling improved 100% and my hair held a style like it used to.  Products also took away all the frizz I had been experiencing.  Within a few days I already began to notice a reduction in shedding after my showers." 
      L & S: How long has it taken to get to your current results?
      ​BL: "Since beginning to use Love & Snow the hair loss has dramatically reduced.  I am not seeing hair shedding when I wake up in the morning and the shedding in the shower is very minimal.  My hair feels stronger, shinier, healthier, thicker.  The elasticity has been brought back to my hair and my hair feels hydrated againI cannot stress enough how these products have improved and impacted the elasticity and hydration of my hair!   This has helped restore my hope and confidence.  These products have been medicine for me.  The time I take to take care of my hair feels like therapy, hair therapy is therapy to me.  I am taking the time to take care of myself and show myself love.  I am taking the time to approach life stresses differently, processing and then releasing what does not serve me.  I am feeling better and more confident. 
      I feel like I have the tools to take back control of my situation."
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