Multi-functional IS Earth Friendly...

Multi-functional IS Earth Friendly...

The Love & Snow hair AND scalp care line is purposefully minimalist AND multi-functional.  Having a handful of effective staple products replace 5 - 8 bottles, lets us AND you care for yourself, your family, and the earth. 

Our bamboo silk pillowcases save 100's of gallons of water and is good for your hair AND skin.  The Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum + Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic work together to replace your:
  • leave-in conditioner
  • detangler
  • heat protector
  • dandruff products
  • dry shampoo

Use as skin care w/ the tonic as an incredible facial toner and serum as a re-balancing, moisturizing facial serum.  Don't forget beard care, or when you decide to shave or wax.

People tell us we could make more money if we didn't tell you all the things our minimalist line can do and instead just gave you products that focused on one thing.  We know in this inflation season, that waste isn't good for your wallet OR the planet.

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