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Finding The Right Hair Growth Routine For You...

Hair Just Started Thinning?
Hair loss and hair growth journeys can look a little different depending on the circumstances so we wanted to break it down a bit:
Hair recently started thinning? 
What To Know
  • Good news is, often if caught early the impact is short lived and with quality guidance, signs of improvement are seen more quickly
  • Being consistent when the problem is in the early stages helps gives you the BEST chance to see more complete results in a short time frame
  • Early thinning often a sign of inflammation (that can come from MANY things), friction (cotton pillowcase), or tension (hair styles that are a bit too tight).

What To Do:

If at the stage of at least starting something to try to keep the issue from getting out of controlstart with the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum

  • The serum will help stimulate growth, balance scalp pH and oils for a more optimal growth environment, and strengthen new growth for better length retention. 

If ready to get things under control because you don't have room for anymore problems. 

  • Use the serum + Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic together.  Adding the tonic increases the anti-inflammatory experience reducing inflammation that slows growth and contributes to excessive shedding, and helps quicken the growth process.  BONUS:  add the 100% organic bamboo silk pillowcase to reduce friction on fragile new growth and reduce thinning on that favorite side you sleep on.

Best Ways To Use Products:

  • Dry Hair - No Rinse Overnight Treatment, start nightly for optimal growth experience
  • Wet Hair - No Rinse Leave - in Conditioning Treatment, on wash days
  • Check out YouTube page for "How To" Videos