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Love's NEW Hair Growth Journey: PART I...

It's sad we're not the only one who's had a hair appointment where after, your heart dropped into your stomach or you sat in your car and cried.

Our Love & Snow Founder, Love, spent 2 YEARS w/ no big chop growing out her relaxer beginning late 2019.  Because of the pandemic April 2022 was the 1st time she was back in a salon chair to have a professional even up her afro.  The Stylist identified herself as a Master Stylist, Curl Specialist w/ over 10 years' experience, and Owner of the salon. 

Unfortunately, everything went wrong that day.  The afro was mowed down, Love didn't even know because she had been turned away from the mirror and the "cut" happened that fast.  The cut and products used created frizz and damaged her curls. Her scalp is sensitive, so styling products used burned her scalp so badly, a few hours later she had to jump in the shower. 

This was a new experience for Love; she had exclusively used the multi-functional Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum + Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic with relaxed hair AND through her entire transition to being natural.  She tried a few products to make curls look presentable while repairing them, but they kept drying out her hair and she knew that would make the repair process take longer.

This is Love's 3 MONTH RESULTS exclusively using the 100% organic, multifunctional Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum, Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic, and sleeping on the 100% organic bamboo silk pillowcase.  Products helped RESTORE her natural curls, REBALANCE her scalp, and GROW her natural hair...again.  She's still not using styling products. The Love & Snow belief is that styling products can enhance but shouldn't make your style.  If hair isn't looking its best due to damage, let's repair it instead of covering it up and causing more frustrations.

Our no-rinse over night treatment on dry hair + leave-in treatment on wet hair are top recommended ways to use products to see results.  That's what Love's been doing; she also found, in the beginning, she needed to be really consistent and sometimes use a little extra product until hair felt soft again due to the extensive damage.  Check out website product pages for "how-to" videos.  
All products are concentrated AND absorbent, meaning you don't need a lot to get the job done and your hair should only feel soft and silky instead of a greasy mess. 

A bad salon experience can happen, and you feel hopeless.  Love & Snow is ready to help you fall back in love w/ your hair again.