Kami has fine, thin, weak hair and is allergic to most hair care products and fragrance; making it difficult to find products to help thicken and strengthen hair that would not trigger an allergic reaction.   Additionally, she has searched for the right products that support healthy hair, and help add volume without weighing hair down. 

Scalp/Hair Concerns:

    Fine, Thin, Fragile Hair; Lack of Volume

      Hair Regime:

        Wash, condition, on clean wet hair massage two (2) drops (almost a dime size) of Love & Snow into scalp and hair; blow dry; style.  As an overnight treatment 3-4 drops from a dropper tip full of Love & Snow is massaged into hair and scalp and hair is brushed.  Total hair regiment is less than 10 minutes.

          Love & Snow Results:

            Kami began to see improvements after two (2) weeks of use; at the two (2) month mark Kami's hair had made a great improvement. Hair is soft and has a new natural shine.  New hair growth has been seen around the hair line.  Kami has increasingly received positive compliments on her hair which has been a new experience for her.  Additionally, a great bonus has been that Love & Snow has not triggered any allergies or irritated her sensitivities.