Caitanya's Story - Falling in Love w/ My 4c Hair

Caitanya's Story - Falling in Love w/ My 4c Hair

Falling in love with your curls can feel hard.  Not because of the curls, but because of all the confusing / complicated techniques and products that are supposed to give us the perfect curls...then don't.  Feeling defeated around our curls is way more common than it should be.  Making Caitanya's trust in Love & Snow after being burned by so many products, even more of an honor.  
Keep reading Caitanya's story to see how she was able to get her 4c coils right using only the Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic + Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum!
L & S:  How long have you used Love & Snow?
C.M.:  I have used products since June 2018

L & S:  What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?
C.M.:  Before Love & Snow I did not have a real hair routine; I did not wear a bonnet at night or twist my hair.  Dealing with my hair was a constant battle, my hair would be in knots and constantly breaking.  I didn't even know what my curl pattern was and had been in search for something to help make taking care of my hair easier.  When first finding Love & Snow, my husband commented I had been complaining about my hair and may want to take a look.

L & S:  Have you ever had a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin/beard issue Love & Snow helped you with?  If so, what happened?  
C.M.:  Some medical issues and being anemic had led to some hair loss.  My hair growth is sensitive to what is going on in my body, when things are out of balance I can experience a lot of shedding.  When trying to grow my hair it would grow slowly or growth would be stagnant.
L & S:  If you have had to address a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin issue, how did you use Love & Snow to help address the issue? 
Did you use both products? If so, how did you use the serum?  How did you use the tonic?
C.M.:  In using the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum and Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic, I saw changes in my hair.  My curl pattern returned and there was less breakage.  I added the tonic to my routine later and didn't fully understand what it was doing until I didn't have it anymore.  The tonic helped add even more strength and definition to my hair when I used it with the serum. 
At one point I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and didn't have products, my hair became less manageable and started breaking again.  That was when I realized how valuable the serum and tonic were. 

L & S:  What were the results?
C.M.:  I enjoyed the scent experience right away, so I was happy.  Products smelled light and fresh.  When I first used products I used them everyday.  I had originally dealt with dandruff and have not had dandruff since using Love & Snow.
Honestly, I have been burned every time I have paused using Love & Snow products to try something new.

As a Therapist, dealing with people struggling with deep issues during COVID caused increased stress and I experienced more hair fall.  Products helped reduce the shedding and my curl pattern became more prominent again.  I can wear my hair out and feel confident for the first time.  

L & S:  Have Love & Snow products helped you use fewer products?  Have products replaced items previously used?  If so, what items have been replaced?
C.M.:  Yes, I have used fewer products since beginning to use Love & Snow; I threw most of the products I was randomly using away.  My original thought was that I was going to supplement the Love & Snow products with the other products I had been using the but other products were sticky and weighed down my hair in a weird way compared to the serum and tonic.   I no longer use stretch puddings or hair milks and use Love & Snow as my leave-in conditioner.  I occasionally use a cream or moisturizer, but when I have been more diligent I only used the serum and tonic in my hair.
L & S:  Please include any additional thoughts about Love & Snow as a brand or your thoughts about the products you'd like to share.
C.M.:  Love focused on educating about ingredients in a way I hadn't thought about.  I've had a wonderful experience with Love & Snow that helped me commit to a real hair care routine and taking time to care more for myself overall.  It was easier to stay committed to because I loved the results I was experiencing.  I did not originally come from a place of loving my hair and appreciate having met Love and how much she cares about her customers and their experience.  

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