Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why use Love & Snow scalp and hair serum?

Love & Snow nourishes and moisturizes hair and scalp. The serum reduces frizz, damage, breakage, and split ends protecting against future damage and leaving hair touchably soft.  Love & Snow supports healthy scalp reducing and balancing excessive oil production; calming scalp irritation that contribute to itch, redness and inflammation; and address flaky scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema.  The blend decongests scalp helping remove blockage that prevents hair growth.

  1. Will Love & Snow scalp and hair serum sit on my hair and make my hair feel oily and weighed down like other serums I’ve used?

The 100% natural ingredients of Love & Snow are easily absorbed allowing the scalp and hair to get the nourishing benefits of the essential oils, vitamins and minerals in the serum.  Synthetic oils often sit on top of hair because ingredients are not easily absorbed, causing the product to coat the hair, weighing it down.  This leaves hair feeling and looking oily, but not nourished. 

  1. Can all hair types use Love & Snow scalp and hair serum?

Yes.  The basic structure of hair is essentially the same for every individual.  Effectively nourishing the variety of textures and thickness of hair are addressed by Love & Snow with the amount of serum used during each application

  1. How does Love & Snow scalp and hair serum aid in re-growing hair?

The blended ingredients in Love & Snow have been identified as hair growth stimulators, while clarifying scalp to remove blockages that may restrict new hair growth.  The oils also help promote new cell growth which contributes to new hair growth.  Antioxidant qualities protect scalp and hair from breakage, split ends, and future damage.

  1. How much Love & Snow do I use for my hair type? Can I use too much?

Check out the “Find Your Hair Type?” page to see what the optimal amount of Love & Snow you should use for your hair texture, concerns, and needs.  Love & Snow is a concentrated serum; a little goes a long way.  Overuse in a single application can lead to an oily experience and affect achieving desired results.

  1. How long will I need to use Love & Snow before I notice any difference?

Benefits of using Love & Snow can be noticed in the first few days to the first week of use.  Hair will become softer, stronger, more manageable, with less frizz.  Itch and flakiness of scalp will diminish.  With consistent, regular use it has been seen at the two (2) month mark hair has more shine, sheds less, is stronger, and easier to style.  Minor scalp concerns clear, and itch and irritation of scalp subside.  The more consistently the product is used the more benefits will be experienced.

  1. I am sensitive to many personal care products and fragrances. Can Love & Snow be used by someone with sensitivities?

As a 100% natural serum made with 100% certified organic ingredients, Love & Snow is created with those who have sensitive skin and are sensitive to fragrance in mind.  The serum contains no synthetics, no chemicals, and no fragrance which are often triggers that lead to irritation.

  1. Can Love & Snow scalp and hair serum be used for children?

Yes.  The 100% natural and organic formula can be incorporated into a child’s daily hair care routine

  1. Can Love & Snow be used if pregnant?

We recommend consulting with a Physician on any new products you are adding to your routine during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  While many have used products during their pregnancy, a consult with your Physician helps you make the best decision for you. 

  1. Are all essential oils pretty much the same?

No.  Often inexpensive oils or oils that are identified as perfumes or fragrance for the home or body are diluted with other ingredients including alcohol and synthetics.  When looking for an essential oil that provides benefits, unaltered oils are ideal.

  1. Is Love & Snow tested on Animals?

 No. Love & Snow is never tested on animals.

  1. What is the Return Policy?

Returns are accepted up to 15 days after the delivery date for bottles that are either ¾ full or unopened.  Once product is received refunds are processed less shipping costs.  Return shipping costs are to be covered in full by the customer.  For product purchased at a retailer, please refer to the retailer’s return policy. For purchases made at an independent event, product can be shipped to Love & Snow for return processing.  Once product is received refunds are processed less return shipping costs; return shipping costs are to be covered in full by the customer.  If you would like to create a return:

     13. Shipping

Currently shipping is only within the United States.  Please check back for updates regarding international shipping.  Shipments will be sent out within one (1) to two (2) business days of ordering. Tracking information will be provided via email.



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