About Us: The Story of Love & Snow

The Story of Love & Snow


For Love White the initial entry into the world of essential oils and herbal ingredients occurred over a decade and a half ago through curiosity and the need for employment, with an international essential oil product based company.  As a natural enthusiast, through continuous study, research, training, and experience she began to see and understand how un-adulterated, quality essential oils can naturally support body functioning; providing benefits and relief in a way Love had been previously unaware.  She had begun to see the positive experiences of others as well as have her own positive personal experiences.  Over the years of being involved in formulation, education, and business operations along with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Public Health the need to create arose.

 Out of her own never ending frustration and being fed up with all the new hair care products she kept trying and broken promises delivered, Love decided to put her years of developed essential oil expertise to use and create her own.  She focused on ingredients that would address her frustrating scalp issues and help strengthen her hair, without leaving a greasy oily mess behind.  Love wanted it to be different, wanted it to actually help, be easy, and not aggravate the sensitivities that had always been a struggle.  She wanted a solution that would get to the root of her problems, not just address symptoms.  She was tired of managing issues all the time and putting so much effort into a process and feeling like she was getting nowhere. 

 When Love thought about what she wanted the product to do, she wanted it to help her hair and scalp.  Period.  She didn’t think about specific hair type, she thought about the fundamentals that contribute to what the hair needs to be healthy and strong; she wanted that.  She thought about what the scalp needed to be healthy and balanced and stop the itchy flaky, oily, dry rollercoaster her scalp was always on; she wanted that.  Love narrowed down the ingredients that would perform in the way she needed and tested formulas for absorbency and feel.

As she began to see positive changes in her scalp and strengthening of her hair, her own positive journey allowed the door to open to share with others first personally, and then professionally; leading to the ultimate birth of Love & Snow.