The Love & Snow Story

 For Owner and Founder Love White being a natural enthusiast, along with continuous study, research, and training; for more than 15 years her expertise has been honed in understanding of how organic ingredients can naturally support body functioning. Years of being involved in formulation & education, armed with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Public Health she has sought to de-mystifies and de-segregate the journey to healthy hair and scalp.

Out of her own frustrations, experiencing a devastating hair loss, and being fed up with broken promises of hair care products, Love put years of developed essential oil expertise to use to create her own solutions. Focused on formulating to address her frustrating scalp issues and help strengthen her hair, without a greasy oily mess.

Love & Snow was born to supports unlearning the general myths frustratingly told about hair care. Helping individuals approach hair and scalp goals understanding the fundamentals to help you achieve the shine, strength, growth, and happy scalp you deserve. Desegregating hair care to make real, lasting repair a reality for everyone - no matter hair type or texture. Love & Snow is a line of hair care that uses 100% organic, vegan ingredients that focus on root issues to arrive at solutions that go beyond managing frustration. Supporting scalp re-balancing to calm the itchy, flaky, oily, dry rollercoaster; while fortifying hair to return health, hydration, definition, and shine.