Love & Snow 1-on-1 Consult

        What is a Love & Snow 1-on-1 Consult?
          The Love & Snow 1-on-1 Consult is for those who are serious and ready to take the steps to achieve healthier hair and scalp.  During this initial launch phase, sessions are currently open to existing Love & Snow customers and customer referrals (think, "I've got a friend, spouse, sibling, cousin etc. that is ready for something like this!").
            How Much?  How Long?  Where?  When?
              There are 3 session options 30 minutes ($40), 60 minutes ($100),  and 90 minute ($150) 2 person session.  Ready for this to be you?  Email to get started!  Please allow 24 hours to respond to appointment requests.  There will be a few questions to best customize your session.  
                  Sessions take place in Southern California; location details provided following payment confirmation.  Weekday sessions available, final session begins @ 5 PM PST.  Select Saturdays available, final session begins @ 12 PM PST.  Select Sundays via request only.
                    What do you get when you book a Love & Snow 1-on-1 Consult?
                        1. A personalized 1-on-1, in person, discussion about YOUR hair/scalp/skin issues, concerns, and/or frustrations.  
                             No more searching the internet for people who look and sound like they    
                                 have your issues, and then trying a bunch of suggestions given to them to  
                                 see if  they work for you.  We're talking about YOU and the steps and
                                 suggestions that can help YOU.
                        1. Introduction to, and support in better understanding the basic fundamentals of how hair and scalp work to maintain health.  Not just talking about what products to use.
                              Improved understanding helps to better identify the messages YOUR hair
                                   and scalp are telling you daily; and to know what to do with that
                        1. A more personalized approach gives YOU more accurate information on what makes YOUR healthy hair journey truly thrive.  
                             Action steps to improve success, with a more complete consideration of
                                 YOU.  Including real life such as chemical treatments (i.e coloring, perming,
                                 or straightening treatments), illness, hormone, and environmental changes  
                                 that can play a role in your journey.  
                        1. A step-by-step recording of product application on YOU, to save as a reference on how to best apply product to achieve YOUR goals...that you can review any time you need.
                          1. Improved personal confidence on how to move through your healthy hair journey to silence the noise, not fall for trends and products that cost you but don't deliver. 
                            1. A space to talk through suggestions or popular/trending recommendations and why they either can be helpful or slow progress of your journey. 


                            What will you leave with?
                            1. A customized approach on how best to apply and use Love & Snow products to address YOUR hair/scalp/skin concerns and frustrations.  
                                  Includes a personalized recording of application techniques that apply
                                       specifically to YOU, that you can refer to as often as needed
                            1. A better understanding of the fundamentals of how hair works, so you better understand how to take action, responding to the messages YOUR hair and scalp are telling you daily...they are always talking. 


                              1. Improved confidence in how to better approach YOUR hair/scalp frustrations and achieve results


                                1. Improved confidence in how to evaluate the value of new products and trends on YOUR journey


                                  1. A better understanding about how to evaluate the value of suggested guidance on what may help YOU on your ongoing healthy hair / scalp / skin journey