Life and Love & Snow - Jung's Story: The Gym and My Hair

Life and Love & Snow - Jung's Story: The Gym and My Hair

Jung works out several times a week...every week.  For many, a regular workout routine can wreak havoc on their hair and scalp.  We're so happy Love & Snow makes it easy for Jung to keep her workout routine without compromising her hair and scalp health.  Read more of Jung's experience below:


L & S:  How long have you used Love & Snow?  

J.B. : I’ve used Love & Snow since 2018, so about 5 years now. 


L & S:  What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  

J.B. : I love trying new hair care products, I love essential oils and pure ingredients, and supporting small businesses. I met Love at a vendor booth and she was so sweet! 




L & S:  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?  

J.B. : I got the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum at the time, as the Intensive Hair and Scalp tonic wasn't a part of the product line yet. Honestly, because I have so many beauty products, I thought this would just be a nice add-on, but it turned out to be my main hair care product.  


L & S:  What keeps you using Love & Snow products regularly? 

J.B. : My hair is so heavy, I tend to get irritated in certain areas of my scalp where I always use a clip or hair band.  I also generally tend to be sensitive on my scalp, and spraying the tonic on my scalp is something I do almost daily. 





L & S:  Have Love & Snow products helped you use fewer products?  Have products replaced items previously used?  If so, what items have been replaced? 

J.B. : I still love to try beauty products but my time has gotten more and more tight over the years, so I rely on these 2 products. They are my only 2 hair products on many days.  After the shower I spray on the tonic, rub the serum, and scrunch all over. It's a 2 minute hair routine, what more can I ask for!  On days my hair doesn't get washed, I like to refresh with the tonic. 



L & S:  Please include any additional thoughts about Love & Snow as a brand or your thoughts about the products you'd like to share. 

J.B. : My hair never looks as good as when I happen to shower before bed, and go to sleep with the tonic and serum. I wake up with really pretty hair--and it's amazing to feel like my hair is "light" from being so soft and bouncy.

The serum seems to work great on skin irritations anywhere in the body. 

When I travel, in my office, in my purse, I always carry a tonic spray! The changes in temperature and water quality can do funny things to your hair, and the Love & Snow products are the best normalizer at those times. 


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