Life and Love  & Snow -  Rafael's Story: Dandruff + Eczema Beard Care

Life and Love & Snow - Rafael's Story: Dandruff + Eczema Beard Care

L & S: How long have you used Love & Snow?
RG: My first purchase was May of 2018, so just about 5 years

      L & S: What initially drew you to Love & Snow?  What was the initial purpose of your first Love & Snow purchase?
          RG:  I passed by a Love & Snow pop up at the Farmers Market in Long Beach, and saw Love working the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum into a ladies hair.  After reading the available informational material and seeing before and after pictures, I was interested.  I came back around 15 mins later, and Love, with a big smile, offered me a beard massage with her serum.  I’ve never been offered a beard massage, how could I say no!  Once I felt how my beard changed, immediately, I knew I needed this product (I mean my beard was glistening in the Cali sunlight). 

          L & S: Have you ever had a specific/serious/ or complicated hair/scalp/skin/beard issue Love & Snow helped you with?

          RG:  I have serious eczema and dandruff, my beard is so coarse that I couldn’t shave my face without destroying it, and I couldn’t grow my beard without feeling like Im dryer than the Serengeti.  My skin would seriously flake, get red, itchy, and could be painful at times.  Because my beard hair is so coarse, it could get really uncomfortable growing out my beard.   



          L & S: How did you use products to address your eczema/dandruff issue? 

          RG:  The products I used from Love & Snow to help with my eczema and dandruff are the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum and the Bamboo Silk Pillowcase.  I massage the serum into my face and beard and it works amazingly.  Adding the bamboo silk pillowcase helps further the serum’s effect, keeping my skin and beard moisturized and hydrated.   They have helped dramatically soften my beard, something my wife seriously appreciates.  The eczema and dandruff issues are the best they have ever been and are no longer painful.  Flaking is minimal, at the first signs the serum helps moisturize my skin and keep things from getting out of control...even in Chicago winter.



          L & S:  What were the results?  How long did it take to see the first signs of improvement?

          RG:  I saw results immediately


          L & S:  How long has it taken to get to your current results?

          RG:  Once I combined Love & Snow with a 100% Pure shampoo Love recommended, that’s when my beard game took off.  I need so few products to make my beard look and feel amazing.  My beard feels soft and doesn't look unruly or out of control.  The eczema and dandruff are under control and much more manageable.




          L & S:  Have Love & Snow products helped you use fewer products?  Have products replaced items previously used?  If so, what items have been replaced?

          RG:  Love & Snow has replaced conditioners and any other beard oils.  The serum absorbs so well and smells clean and fresh.  My beard has become pretty substantial over the years and at times my sisters have bought me beard care kits as gifts; while thoughtful, I don't need those extra products. 



          L & S:  Please include any additional thoughts about Love & Snow as a brand or your thoughts about the products you'd like to share. 

          RG:  Any other beard oil I tried was either too harsh or left my beard feeling sticky and clumpy.  Love & Snow softens my beard and prevents it from breaking when I pick it out.   The serum also adds a shine to my beard that gets me compliments anytime I’m out and about; I've actually been stopped and asked about my beard care!   Honestly, I always hope people who ask will really stop for a second so I can get into what I use because I know it will change their whole beard game.  I’d bet I’ve got the nicest beard in Chicago, and it wouldn’t be so without Love & Snow.  But the most special part about Love & Snow is Love!  She’s always had my best interest in mind, and would recommend products for me to use in conjunction with the serum, and it’s changed my life.  
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