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Eco Friendly Gifts

Gifts that care for your hair, your budget, and the planet. 
Did you know the 16 oz. Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic is equal to eight (8) 2 oz. tonics, and in comparison, saves you over $100?!  Plus, you can refill bottles you already have, reducing waste. 
100% organic bamboo silk pillowcases take a fraction of the water cotton needs to grow, making them not only more sustainable but one of the solutions to the textile industries water guzzling ways.  Made from 100% bamboo, they are vegan and more affordable, starting at $25.
Larger product sizes are always not only a better deal, but help keep down what might end up in the landfill and lets you refill smaller bottles at home.  The 4 oz. Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum saves you $15 vs. purchasing two (2) 2 oz. bottles.